New Max Paul Maria concerts

The summer has come! And so long this is the casewe should enjoy him very extensively. We planned some nice days for you, so you just need to concrentate on the nice weather out there. Take a day off, enjoy an extensive breakfast, spend your day at the park or a lake and then visit a concert of Max Paul Maria and enjoy the evening with some cold drinks! Especially for our friends from Bremen, Leipzig and Hamburg is this plan very accessible!

The dates:
03.07. Bremen -Tower  w/ Two Gallants
04.07. Leipzig - Werk II w/ Two Gallants
11.07. Hamburg - Molotow: Backyard Food, 17 Uhr 

In addition to this, Max Paul Maria is working on a new album, that will be released in autumn. So he's definatley playing going to play some new songs for you!


Talking To Turtles are back!

After some quiteness in 2013 the mixed duo Talking To Turtles is back in life and will release their new album August 15. This by the way is exactly three years after "Oh, The Good Life" which was highly acclaimed by the media.

The album is recorded in Berlin by Simon Frontzek aka Sir Simon and the 2nd session is taking place by end of the month.

The first single 'Passenger Seat' will be released in May and to get things running we're happy to announce that they're playing some shows with the well respected Hundreds:

22.04. A-Wien - Wuk Foyer
23.04. Dresden - Scheune
24.04. Offenbach - Hafen 2
26.04. Erlangen - E-Werk 


The Marble Man again on tour

Finally the guys from The Marble Man are on tour again and presenting their new album „Haidhausen“, which has been released on the 22th november of last year. The tour started in Rosenheim on the 31st of january and will end in Murnau in may.
If you want, just go in our On Stage section and have a look, when and where The Marble Man´s next shows are and maybe then you´ld like to go and see one of their gigs!


The two Marias on tour

After the release of Max Paul Maria´s album „Miles & Gallons“ last autumn (18.10.), he´s playing a couple of shows at the beginning of this year, one of those is in Berlin, where he´ll support Deep Dark Woods. The Canadians are playing folk-rock music across several genres, from the 70s up to now – everything is included and you could describe their music as timeless.

Above all, Max Paul Maria will support a second Maria - Maria Taylor. The american singer-songwriter, who´s not only convincing with her music, which is sweet like honey and melancholic-dark, is also convincing with her multiinstrumentality. Mainly she got famous through the band Azure Ray, which even released several albums under the label Saddel Creek. A new video to Max Paul Maria´s song 'Il Ne Reste Qu´Á Chanter' is in work.


MISS LI now signed to a Major!

After releasing three MISS LI albums the new one will be released July 19th via Starwatch/Sony. This on one hand of course doesn't make us happy as it was great working with them, on the other hand it's understandable to use bigger budgets and structure to reach another level and so we wish Linda & band all the best in the world - see you at Dockville!



The Dead South are coming back to Germany!

The Dead South are back in town!

Our four Canadians from Saskatchewan will be back in Germany very soon. Armed with guitar, cello and banjo they will be playing their Bluegrass-Folk at "Inas Nacht" this week. After that, they will return to Canada for a few weeks, but on the 22th of May, they will play their long-awaited german tour.  Beside many concerts in several german cities, they will play at the Orange Blossom Festival and the About Songs Festival in Hamburg.

02.05. Karlsruhe - Scruffy's
23.05. Beverungen - Orange Blossom Festival
24.05. Hamburg - About Songs Festival
26.05. Hannover - Café Glocksee (Ruby Tuesday w/ Lydia Loveless)
27.05. Berlin - Grüner Salon
29.05. Lübeck - Campus Open Air
30.05. NL-Den Haag - Sniester Festival
31.05. Köln - Yard Club

Don't miss this opportunity!

For the ones that are still noch fully convinced, we got THIS wonderful YouTube Video for you!


"The Dead South never act frumpy. Too much of their songs are in their core very untypical for Bluesgrass. You can find traces of Pop-, Gospel-, British Folk-,  und Rock-Influences in the whole album."  Classic Rock

"You can hardly escape from this fast-forward and enthusiastic Bluegrass! Brilliant" Rheinische Post


The Dope on tour with Band Of Skulls

Not only, that The Dope are on tour from the 27th of january, no, from the 13th to the 17th of april they´re finishing their tour with four shows with the 3 brits from Band Of Skulls. Of course they will present their latest album „Hinterlandia“.
The dates for these shows you can also find in our On Stage section!


This Void releasing their album „Crystals“

That´s how the year is starting good. Again it´s time to make some space in your record collection, ´cause THIS VOID are releasing their new album „Crystals“. The record shows a wide musical range, from the atmospheric „Help Me, I´m Okay“, up to the grooving, R 'n' B-based „Them Guns“. From epic to nimbly, everything is represented.

THIS VOID played already on several stages in North-Germany, amongst other things at the Dockville, Reeperbahnfestival and as support of famous artists.

Now THIS VOID want to give you an insight in their new Album. Already two days before the release (26.02.), THIS VOID are giving a foretaste to the album, in form of a release-show at the Hanseplatte in Hamburg. Two days later, at the day of the release (28.02.), their home town Jever is getting to know the new album at the JUZ.


About Songs Christmas Tour starting for the 3rd time

Maybe not everybody has heard about "About Songs", but December 4th we have our third "About Songs Christmas Tour" coming up and are very proud to have the dutch/finnish duo TOWN OF SAINTS, the in Denmark living Icelandic DAD ROCKS! the German HONIG on board to give you a nice line up for the pre-christmas time.

This tour is not to compare with "regular" tours of the artists as all musicians are sharing the stage to play songs from all three acts together. To make this sounding great we lock them in a studio space for some days....of course they're also allowed to play a little solo set.

As we did last year with Talking To Sir Simon the artists recorded a beautiful X-mas song full of horns which is called 'Old Friend' and will be released (digitally) December 6 (attention: St. Nikolaus) under the name TOWN OF HONEY ROCKS.


RAH RAH new at DevilDuck

It's time for a new band on DevilDuck again!

For the very first time we are proud to announce that we've signed the first Canadian band which of course we are giving a very warm welcom! Within the last eight years I've been to SXSW Festival in Austin, Texas and by accident I saw two songs of Rah Rah live, but these two were so full of dynamic and fun that the band totally kicked me and as they played a proper show the day after again of course I was there as well. 

My enthusiasm resulted in a record deal and I really hope that this enthusiasm and all euphoria will transfer to all of you when their 3rd album "The Poet's Dead" will be released August 23rd.

Of course this great Canadian quintett (a six piece on the photo) are coming in for playing some shows by end of September.